Classic Car Auction of Toronto - Spring

Lot : SP110
1909 Ford Model T Roadster

Auctioned on Saturday, April 10, 2010

Not Sold at a High Bid of $52,000

    As evidenced by original factory invoices provided by the Henry Ford Museum, this Model T was shipped new to the Ford dealer in Philadelphia. According to Bruce McCalley’s Model T Ford: The car that changed the world, 2585 is also the only 1909 Roadster known to have been finished in red, all others were gray and one in black. An early car, it was one of the first 150 thermosyphon cars delivered. It underwent a complete ground-up restoration by a collector in Texas who has restored several prize-winning Ts. Since completion last September, it has accumulated minimal test mileage and has yet to make its first show appearance. As the restoration was conducted to AACA National standards, the condition, workmanship, and attention to detail is readily apparent. Painted proper factory red, the finish is excellent from the polished brass pieces to the engine bay and undercarriage. The Roadster retains its correct black leatherette top with red lining as well as various factory correct accessories, including the windshield, horn, side oil lamp, and tail lamp. While Ford’s “Tin Lizzie” has become an affordable collector car, a few examples have come to stand out from their peers. As a member of this rarified group, this show-ready Roadster exhibits very professional workmanship and holds the distinction of being the only original red 1909 Roadster in existence and possibly the oldest surviving thermosyphon Roadster available. A VERY EARLY MODEL T IN OUTSTANDING AWARD WINNING CONDITION