The Toronto Spring Classic Car Auction

Lot : SP121
1964 Ford Galaxie 500 XL R-Code 2D

Auctioned on Saturday, May 6, 2017

Sold at $203,500

  • Engine Displacement: 427
  • Transmission: Manual 4 Speed

427 c.i. and 4-Speed transmission. To date, there are under 25,000 original miles on this car !! CCP Auctions is proud to be able to offer the iconic Galaxie drag car of Toronto’s George Massicotte. George ordered his Galaxie specifically to go fast and was not disappointed. This car captured the Canadian National B/Stock record in 1965, driven by legendary Canadian drag champion, Barrie Poole. The car finished 3rd in a field of 38 B/Stock cars at the 1965 NHRA Indy Nationals. Massicotte and Poole were awarded ‘Most Consistent Winning Ford of the 1965 season’ by Elgin Ford’s Performance Division. Although Barrie stopped driving the Galaxie so that he could go on to fame as part of the Border Bandits team, George continued to race the car with winning results.
In 1971, George retired the car from racing and put it into storage where it remained until his passing. At this point, his son Al took on the stewardship of the car and treated it to the kind of restoration that happens when a car is family owned from new. This special order Galaxie comes with historic memorabilia including the original 1964 bill of sale, owner’s manual and brochure. Authentic VIN identification letter from Ford Canada. Twenty original 1st place trophies, and a collection of actual drag racing time slips (all from 1964 – 1970) Two Uniroyal tires from original sale. Two M&H vintage drag racing slicks ran on this car. Magnetic lettering for vintage display. Having been a drag car, there are less than 25,000 original miles on this incredible car. All documents of restoration including step-by-step photography. Engine rebuild and documentation by Entec Racing.
Not surprisingly, this former race car has generated a lot of great stories over the decades. Al Massicotte tells of one of his childhood memories of waking up on Sunday morning and hurrying to see if there was a new trophy on the living room table, and having won over 34 first place trophies in all, there often was.
He also shares the story of how on Thursdays, late in the evening before a Saturday race, his father would test-drive the car on main streets in Scarborough. The police became wise to George’s speeding, and one particular night they attempted to ambush him at a traffic light, however he launched on the green, and left them to follow him to his Supertest Service station on Victoria Park Avenue. George arrived with enough time to get the car inside where he hid out in the back room with the lights out. But the police knew he was in there, so they shouted to him through the hole in the garage door that was used to vent exhaust, ‘George, we know you’re in there. We’re not going to arrest you. We just want to see what’s under the hood!’ So he let them in, and it turned out two of the more than a half dozen officers were drag racers also and ended up bringing their cars to George for tuning!
It is expected that both George's son Al and Barrie Poole will be present at the auction to see the car off and that perhaps Barrie will drive it one final time as he takes it onto the CCP auction stage with Al. Video can be seen at