Toronto International Spring Classic Car Auction

1929 Chandler Royal 8 4 door

Auctioned on Saturday, April 14, 2007

Sold at $60,480

    This unique authentic beauty has been owned by only two families. After decades of storage the Chandler was professionaly rebuilt in the nineties under the watchful eye of the original purchasers son who was born in 1930 and grew up with the car. This nut and bolt restoration spanned over six years and cost around $70,000. The result is a unique museum quality car that is not a collection of parts but an original vehicle. There is approximately 100 Chandlers remaining but this is believed to be the only Royal Four Door known to be in working order.

    Mechanical features inlclude a straight-eight engine, Westinghouse brakes and a unique self lubricating capability. Comfort features are a windshield that raises and lowers for fresh air, Marconu radio, velour upholstery and spacious rear seat.