The Toronto Spring Classic Car Auction

Lot : M07
1997 Harley Davidson FLF Fatboy

Auctioned on Friday, April 13, 2012

Sold at $12,100

  • Exterior Color: Black

6449 original miles – second owner – bike was purchased at approximately 5600 miles. Completely customized in 2006 – everything new except frame and EVO engine! The bike runs great, starts right up no problems at all and has NEVER BEEN DROPPED. This bike was trailered around to bike shows in the US and won many awards. Digital speed/tach/miles in the dash, but original speedometer included. Original speedometer has 1998 original miles and the digital has approximately 4849 miles on it - 6449 original miles.
Work performed on the bike: 6 gallon Fatbob stretched gas tank with chrome extended dash with the digital Dakota speed/tach/miles. Front fender was lowered and rivets were grinded away for the smooth clean look. Rear fender rivets were grinded, new license plate holder with built in lights which illuminate when you press the rear brake and rear L.E.D. brake light! Signal lights installed. Bike was painted black with 3 coats of clear. Chromed entire front end, changed headlight and fog lights to tribar halogen and added front tribar for fog lights and signal lights which the Fatboy normally doesn’t come with. Changed handle bars to drag bars and ran wire inside bars. Changed control housings/brake/clutch to chrome and changed mirrors. Changed all brake/clutch/throttle/oil/fuel lines to braided. On the struts, side of the rear fender, added brake and signal lights.
Changed wheels to chrome Arlen Ness rims, pulley, front/rear rotors and changed tires to Metlzlers. The rear tire was also changed to a fatter 150 tire from the stock 130. Some Chrome accessories: Front/Rear calipers, chrome swingarm covers, chrome axle covers, chrome upper/lower belt guards, chrome inner primary cover, chrome regulator cover, chrome choke cover, chrome Fatboy shifter linkage rod, chrome left side engine cover, chrome floorboards/rear brake pedal/toe & heel shifter, rear footpegs, chrome oil filter housing, chrome front air dam toolbox, chrome oil sending cover top/bottom, chrome starter cover, chrome shroud transmission cover and custom gas caps.
The engine is mostly stock with the exception of an Andrew cam, Mukini carb, chrome Samson tail pipes with built-in heat shields (for no blueing) and a Kuryakyn Pro-R hypercharger with a K&N air filter. Corbin seat with a removable rear sissy bar (not shown but included). The bike has custom blue LEDs in the front/rear wheel wells and engine area which light the entire bike up.