Toronto International Spring Classic Car Auction 2006

Friday Lot: N67
1920 Under the Clouds Dark Flake porcelain tobacco sign. Unique and rare!

Friday Lot: N128
1920's Fry visible fully restored "Shell" Gas Pump

Friday Lot: N127
1929 Very rare Hayes 5 gallon fully restored "Independent Gasoline"

Friday Lot: N34
1930s steamer trunk restored and painted. Done in Harley-Davidson.

Offered Without Reserve
Friday Lot: N126
1940's Bennett fully restored "Hot Rod Premium" gas pump

Friday Lot: N125
1940's Bennett fully restored "Hot Rod Regular" Gas pump

Friday Lot: N73
1940's General Electric Coke Refrigerator

Friday Lot: N124
1940's M/S fully restored "Blue Sunoco" gas pump

Friday Lot: N70
1940's restored Texaco Kerosene Curb side pump

Friday Lot: N32
1940s brass fire extinguisher (restored)

Offered Without Reserve
Friday Lot: N84
1940s era Austin A-40 pedal car. Very original condition with good leather interior. A rare example of an early child's pedal car.

Friday Lot: N61
1947 Original Coke Sign

Friday Lot: N75
1950 Harley Davidon refridgerator

Friday Lot: N66
1950 Texaco Marfax porcelain sign

Friday Lot: N122
1950's A.O. Smith fully restored "Harley Davidson" gas pump

Friday Lot: N129
1950's Bennett fully restored "Texaco Marine White" gas pump

Friday Lot: N123
1950's Bowser fully restored "Shamrock" gas pump

Friday Lot: N74
1950's Bulk oil lubester - fully restored. Imperial Oil Limited unit

Friday Lot: N121
1950's Gilbarco fully restored "Esso Extra" Gas Pump

Friday Lot: N120
1950's Gilbarco fully restored "Esso" Gas Pump