Toronto International Fall Classic Car Auction 2007

Friday Lot: N61
1 Nascar Goodyear print

Friday Lot: N66
1/2 Wall Globe (Hot Rod)

Friday Lot: N67
1/2 wall globe (Road Runner)

Friday Lot: N48
1950 Gilbert & Barker Super Shell Gas Pump

Friday Lot: N47
1950 Gilbert & Barker Texaco Fire Chief Gas Pump

Friday Lot: N73
1950 Orange Crush large chest cooler

Friday Lot: N83
1950's City Service Gas Pump

Friday Lot: N71
1950's Crush Carry Cooler - Fully restored

Friday Lot: N77
1950's G & B Supertest lamp lighted gas pump

Friday Lot: N74
1950's lamp lighter ECO air meter

Friday Lot: N54
1950's orginal floor ashtray - Jr. size (RARE)

Offered Without Reserve
Friday Lot: N30
1950's original Ford parts cabinet. Very hard to find. Original paint and lettering. Rare cabinet.

Offered Without Reserve
Friday Lot: N63
1950's Original Valvoline Thermometer (RARE)

Friday Lot: N18
1950's Service Station Receipt Box - Sunoco Logo

Offered Without Reserve
Friday Lot: N82
1950's Sunoco Dyna Fuel gas pump

Friday Lot: N81
1950's Sunoco Gas Pump

Saturday Lot: N94
1958 Tin Beer Sign

Offered Without Reserve
Friday Lot: N57
1960's lighted Crush clock

Offered Without Reserve
Friday Lot: N59
1960's Sportsman Cigarettes Tin Sign

Friday Lot: N51
Battery operated Shell clock w/wooden case

Offered Without Reserve