The Toronto Spring Classic Car Auction 2012

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Sunday Lot: N120
'55 T-Bird Neon Sign

Sunday Lot: N121
'56 T-Bird Neon Sign

Saturday Lot: N067
1920's Candy Cash Register - Coca-Cola

Friday Lot: N094
1930's Islander Water Dispenser & Lamp

Saturday Lot: N132
1930's Supertest Showcase Pump - Original

Friday Lot: N098
1930's Tokheim Red Indian Gas Pump

Friday Lot: N002
1931 Classic Car Radio

Offered Without Reserve
Saturday Lot: N200
1936 Tricycle

Friday Lot: N039
1940's "No Parking Between" signs

Friday Lot: N066
1940's Jr Fridge done in Coca-Cola

Sunday Lot: N099
1950's Eco Air Meter (all red)

Sunday Lot: N100
1950's Eco Air Meter - (red & white)

Sunday Lot: N068
1950's Gas Pump Showcase

Friday Lot: N086
1950's Grease Dispenser done in Red Indian

Friday Lot: N069
1950's Original Coke Cooler

Friday Lot: N131
1950's Original Phone Booth with Payphone & Book

Friday Lot: N091
1950's Red Indian Gas Measuring Can

Saturday Lot: N182
1952 Seeburg Juke Box

Sunday Lot: N136
1955 Original Wayne Pump Converted into Blue Sunoco Showcase

Sunday Lot: N137
1955 Original Wayne Pump Converted into Harley Davidson Showcase